Seller Reporting API

Rubicon Project will be deprecating the Seller Reporting API in the near future. Please use the new Performance Analytics API.

Build powerful custom reports

The Rubicon Project Seller API lets you access all Rubicon Project data for your account. With this data, you can build your own reports in your reporting applications, customized to your needs. If you have integrated with other third parties, you can extend your reporting capabilities and create custom reports with data from multiple third party data sources for even more powerful insights.

Build insightful dashboards

The Rubicon Project Seller API lets you create custom dashboards in your application. Dashboards are an effective way to get quick insights and monitor the performance of your sites. You can also customize the dashboards for the different users that may login to your application. For example, when a person from your Inventory Management team logs into your application, you may want to show them a different dashboard than when someone from your Marketing team logs in.

Access your saved reports

The Rubicon Project Seller API lets you access your saved reports from the Seller Cloud account. This allows you to create your own custom reports in a user-friendly UI, then retrieve these reports via programmatic method to make them available for your users in your own reporting application.